WTP - Wills, Trusts & Probate

Why choose WTP?

W.T.P. are specialists in end of life financial advice

We are highly experienced in all manner of requirements and estates of all sizes. Whatever your assets, you will want them to benefit your family rather than the state. We provide a complete advice service that enables you to minimise the impact of inheritance tax or the amount social services can take to cover your care as you get older

With a proven track record in will writing

W.T.P. Directors and Associates have over forty years combined experience in the Will Writing profession we ensure that all our work is undertaken professionally, confidentially and in a manner that is convenient to our customers. You can visit one of our offices or we can visit you in your own home at a time to suit you.

Providing a specialist service at a fraction of the cost

Unlike solicitors, W.T.P specialises in this one area of the law and charge a fraction of the price. Unlike simple will-kits, W.T.P ensures that your will can be legally enforced and actually means what you intended it to mean.  Our consultants are trained to advise and take your instructions by clearly explaining the legal and technical implications free from jargon.

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