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Document Storage

A Will is a very important document, if it is lost, damaged or deliberately destroyed, it is probable that your intended wishes will not be carried out. WTP will store your Will in a secure facility and give you copies for your convenience.


Fee for the year 2015/2016 is £25 +VAT per annum, guaranteed not to go up in the future.

Other Documents

WTP will store any other documents at no additional charge.

Will Alterations

As your circumstances and wishes change WTP will:
AMEND - UPDATE - REDRAFT your Will on a like for like basis free of charge.

Estate Administration / Probate

Dealing with an estate can be a complicated procedure in terms of Probate and Tax, etc. WTP can help your partner or executor deal with all aspects of the administration of your estate again at no additional charge, saving your beneficiaries hundreds if not thousands of pounds in fees. A recent survey in the Financial papers states that the fees payable on a £300,000 estate is £10,000.

Periodic Review

WTP will endeavour to contact you every 3-5 years to see if your circumstances have changed and if so will offer you a free review.
Telephone: 01225 400060 

Head Office: WTP, Redbridge House, Lower Bristol Road, Bath BA2 3EW

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