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Lasting Power of Attorney

WTP Do you have a bank account, savings or own a property?

If you have money or property and you became unable to deal with your affairs because of an accident or illness your assets may become frozen. If you had a stroke or suffered from Alzheimer's your family may have to apply to the courts to deal with your affairs. This could be very expensive, may take a year or more to complete and a large sum of money may have to be deposited with the courts!

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document you complete which gives somebody of your choice, the power to deal with your financial affairs if for any physical or mental reason, you were unable to.

If you take out a Lasting Power of Attorney now, you can appoint somebody you trust to deal with your affairs on your behalf if you need them to. This saves any delay in dealing with your affairs and will stop the state appointing a receiver to act on your behalf.

WTP A Lasting Power of Attorney is the only document which gives this power even after mental incapacity such as a stroke but you can only complete one while in good health so you need to act as soon as possible.

If you wish us to help you prepare a Lasting Power of Attorney we can arrange to visit you.

A Lasting Power of Attorney document is only £100 plus Vat.

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